Our experiment worked and we have found a new path for Rebeloop to record in the age of Covid 19.
Here’s the video that show’s how we’re doing it.

1. While group recording is possible, the downside is that we’re limited to 5 performing actors per take to keep everyone at least 6′ apart. Less than the 10-12 actors we’re used to.

2. We got lucky when it comes to air circulation in the studio, because the HVAC unit at Sonic Media Studios is a beast and turns over (filters) the air every 5-12 minutes depending on the activity. So when we get to the bigger sounds and efforts we’ll be sure the limit the number of actors in the room as well as empty the room for quick breaks as needed.

3. Our procedures can be modified as we learn more about this fun virus, but we have a tentative “thumbs up” from Portland SAG-AFTRA President, Michelle Damis, and we’ll continue to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Lastly, we recognize that there are no absolute guarantees when it comes to preventing the spread of the Covid, but we do feel good and confident that our new procedure will greatly minimize transmissions. If you see any errors or anything we might have overlooked, shoot us a note and let us know.

-Mike Vaughn,
Rebeloop, Group ADR Director