Looks like our new pandemic setup is working.
In September, Rebeloop members provided a little bit of walla and fight efforts for a short film called Out Goes She, and tons of walla and specifics for screaming fans, office workers and even drag queens in a full feature film called I’m an Electric Lampshade.

While we covered everything needed for Out Goes She in just an hour or so, Electric Lampshade was an all-day endevor with Rebeloop recording in Portland and patched into Bang Audio Post in New York City. We started bright and early with concert crowd cheering (helluva a warm up) and matching plenty of mouth movements. Then it was office, presentation and party walla time, followed by a lunch break, then ending the day with huge crowd sounds including singing back to the start on stage. When we wrapped the session and checked our phones, we were all met with the sad news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a bittersweet day to go from absolute to joy to such sadness.

Anyway, we can’t say too much more about either project since they’re still finishing up and working on distribution, but we’ll give updates when we hear them.  

Big shout out and thanks to: Paul Vītolinš at Bang Audio Post, Director: John Clayton Doyle, and Doug McCorkle for I’m an Electric Lampshade. Scott Almendinger McGrath and Jack Culbertson for Out Goes She. And as always, the great talent at Rebeloop’s home at Sonic Media Studios: Houston Gastelum, Wayne, and Paul!