WTF is a Loop Group?


hit ‘play’ then contact us with any questions

6 reasons you need

OPIF, iOPIF and rOPIF qualified projects may qualify for additional rebates for Post Audio, ADR, and Loop Group work. See Oregon Film for more.

Rebeloop members are some of the best (union and non-union) actors in the region who continually train in ADR, Looping and Improv.

Rebeloop members live and breathe the Pacific NW, so if your project takes place in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, you'll have an authentic fit.

Let's take a look at your project and come up with a solution. Rebeloop has helped a number of low budget indie shorts and features already.

Special arrangements can be made for projects that have tough deadlines, time zones to cross or even need to be directed from a remote location. We got you.

There's no one-size-fits all for custom ADR, Walla and Efforts. Rebeloop starts by truly fitting into each and every scene seamlessly, then taking it to the next level.


August 15, 2018