To quote my 3 year old, “I hate this stupid virus.” But it’s looking like Portland is slowly opening back up. Once we’re given the green light and our members feel safe, then we’ll jump back into the studio and get our chops back up with our bi-monthly workouts.

Until then, I encourage all of you to binge watch your favs but tune your ear to the background and note what you hear.
Some truly great stuff to check out:
The Plot Against America (period Walla, ADR and efforts)
Normal People (teen Walla on a mid-budget series)
Crank Yankers (brilliant improvisation)

And content creators, think about what custom ADR, Walla, Efforts, and First Responder Dialog could do to make your project that much more immersive.
We’ll be warming up and ready to help you out soon. Pending the upcoming invasion of murder hornets. “Stupid hornets.”

With love.
-Mike Vaughn,
RebeLoop, Group ADR Director