2 Possible Reasons Why You’re Here as an Actor:

1.) This looks like fun and you’ve never done it before.
2.) You want that moolah (no judgement, we all need to get paid).

Either way, you’ll have to step into the studio and play in-person with us. Sorry, no online stuff here. But the good news is that I hate taking money from actors, so the cost of every training session is set to cover costs.

All you have to do is send an email saying you’d like to sign up for the Rebeloop Classes, and you’ll get notified about upcoming sessions.

Things to know:

  • There are two training sessions to choose from: Intro and Advanced.
  • Session dates & times are TBD with all info sent via email  (but they’re usually on select Thursday nights).
  • Already having some actor and improv training is highly recommend.
  • Trainers have a potty mouth and don’t sugar-coat things (Mike’s been called ‘terse’ and he’s a diabetic).
    …but you’re likely to have some serious fun doing this type of acting work.