This partnership has been long in the making.

When Eric Stolberg, owner of Digital One, reached out to talk about a possible partnership, I was grinning ear to ear. Recent challenges have hit all of us actors and loopers hard (including the harder-hit recording studios that we need to produce great work).  So getting a call from DigOne was a very much needed beacon.

And now we can officially announce Rebeloop’s new home at Digital One.

First, Rebeloop would like to deeply thank everyone who helped us get here:

  • Russ Gorsline, Tara Strong, Brent Rogers, and Houston Gastelum from Rex Post. – We couldn’t have asked for better people inside a better studio. You gave us the best start possible and for that we thank you. But seriously… screw the landlord who sold the building to make more empty condos in Portland.
  • Paul Nelson at Sonic Media Studios –  Can’t thank you enough for letting us invade your wonderful studio and even continue to complete jobs during Covid.  Amazing. We’ll never forget your generosity.  And screw your former landlord as well… who raises the rent in a pandemic?!?
  • JK Kiggins at MHCC – Huge love to you, JD, for working so hard to give Rebeloop time in the studio so we could keep our chops up while exploring new ways of doing what we do. We’ll always be in your debit.

And lastly, all our actors are thrilled, excited, grateful… even giddy, that Digital One is now the official home of Rebeloop. So thank you all for the support and hard work. Rebeloop wouldn’t exists without you.

Now let’s go and make shit sound even better.

-Mike V