Neil Green

/ Actor

title: Founding and Current Member
Experience: 5+ years acting
looping specialties: Specifics, Walla

My Story

2nd in command and our really good, mediocre lip reader, so we have you covered.  Neil’s been listening to your conversations through your lips for years.  If “Efforts” are needed, Neil has you covered since play fighting is what he does best.
From voiceover to creature SPFX acting, Neil likes to keep his acting interesting.  The first role Neil booked was a serial killing father, and similar character-types have since followed. Even though in real-life, Neil is an easy going laid back nice guy.

"Being part of a Loop Group is one of the funnest, hardest and rewarding forms of acting.  Walla adds life to your project in the best way possible.  It's almost empty without it." -Neil Green