Jen Gosnell

/ Actor

title: Founding and Current Member
Experience: 10+ years voiceover acting
looping specialties: Specifics, Walla, First Responders

My Story

Jen is a founding member of Rebeloop. She started out as a singer, and continues studying the Swedish-Italian method of singing today. As an extension of that first love, she took to the stage in opera and musicals, most notably with the Seattle Opera and Akron Civic Theater. This led to more focus on acting and voiceover work, where she has found inspiration in weekly improv workouts, Meisner studies, and Jeff Seymour’s Real Life Actor approach. Outside of Rebeloop, Jen has focused on commercial, eLearning, and corporate voiceover work for the last decade.

"I'm not funny. What I am is brave." - Lucille Ball