Janice Moss

/ Actor

title: Founding and Current Member
Experience: 20+ in post production and acting
looping specialties: Walla (accents), First Responders

My Story

Janice is an Actor, Voiceover Artist, Audiobook Narrator, Producer and Audio Recording Engineer.  Janice has 20+ years’ experience behind the scenes as a Video-Audio Broadcast Engineer and in front of the scenes performing leading roles in Theatre productions such as “The Mousetrap”, “Sealed for Freshness” and “Almost Maine.”
Her laugh is contagious and a valuable player when Rebeloop needs accents, good improv, and credible first responders.
I've replaced my morning cup of Joe with a hearty LAUGH! Did you know that a hearty laugh has the same effects as a mild workout at the gym? Spread the laughter!