Heath Martin

/ Actor

title: Current Member
experience: Professional singer since 1993, professional actor since 2017
looping specialties: Efforts, Singing, Improv, Dialects

My Story

I am an Artist. A Voice Actor. An R&B Singer. A Stage and Film Actor. A Coach. Starting my artistic journey in music over 30 years ago, I have been with major and Inde Labels alike. My influences cover a vast array of talents from many genres though my specialty is a Gospel based Crooning style. I have been a professional voice actor since 2018, training with the industries greatest talents like Steve Blum, Everett Oliver, Larry Hudson and David Sobolov. My mentors include Chuck Duran, Jess Harnell, Bob Bergen, Jim Farmer, Charlie Adler, Townsend Coleman and Joe Cipriano just to name a few.

"Im living my life with an attitude of gratitude, thanks for letting me be myself!"