Falynn Victoria Burton

/ Actor

title: Current Member
Experience: 6+ years acting
looping specialties: Walla, Efforts

My Story

An actor’s actor. Falynn was born in Detroit and got bit by the acting bug in high school where she developed her love for portraying interesting and sometimes zany characters. She has a Bachelors from Wayne State University Theatre Program where she was honored to be cast as Soujorner Truth in A Woman Called Truth and Mary in Black Nativity at the Bonstelle Theater. While in Chicago she was Mrs.Muller in Doubt and completed her first professional show in Portland with Corrib Theatre’s production of Hurl. Later completing her LORT LAB  for Portland Actors Conservatory in which she played Love in Artist Repertory Theatre’s 2018 production of Everybody. She was also cast as Millie Enfield in an adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Experience Theatre Project in February of 2020. She is happy to be living as a working actor in Portland. 

"Always follow your dreams." -no idea who said it first