Ayanna Berkshire

/ Actor

title: Current Member
Experience: 23+ Years Acting
looping specialties: Efforts, Walla (accents), Specifics

My Story

Ayanna Berkshire is an American Actress, best known for playing the character, Cora, in the hit film, Twilight.  She is also known for her roles in Grimm, Portlandia, Documentary Now, Chicago P.D., Curb Your Enthusiasm, Shrill and The Shasta Triangle. Ayanna is a Resident Artist of Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Oregon, a TCG/Fox Fellowship Foundation grant recipient for Distinguished Achievement. She is sickeningly sweet and very nice smelling.


“Berkshire is an incredibly intelligent actress who makes a complete emotional journey without having to shout or scream.” – Broadway World

“Ayanna Berkshire fully inhabits the easy, unaware confidence that’s usually reserved for men.” -Willamette Week

“Berkshire delivers a stirring but grounded performance that reinforces the terror growing around the cast. Her stoic, level-headed approach to the material plays wonderfully against the rest of the cast’s willingness to descend into panic.” -The Model American